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Some newlyweds confront divorce within months of the marriage

The statistics surrounding divorce in Georgia are similar to the nationwide averages. One statistical category shows how long the parties were married when the divorce was granted. There is always a steady but relatively small percentage of marriages that did not last for even a full year after the ceremony took place.

Decades of evolving problems in marriage may cause a divorce

Some Georgia residents may be old enough to remember when it was shocking to see a couple separating or divorcing after two or three decades of a seemingly secure marriage. Now, it is not shocking but, perhaps, still a bit perplexing to witness a divorce in those cases in which there were never any outward signs of marital distress. The factors that may break up a marriage after so many years are often numerous and complex. 

How to emotionally prepare and plan for a divorce

It is not uncommon for a couple to wait until the new year to file for divorce, as many people find that it is unpleasant and inconvenient to do so during the busy holidays. As this new year begins, many Georgia couples may now be facing the difficult step of filing for divorce. Before taking this important step, it is beneficial to secure legal assistance, as well as make a determined effort to prepare for what is ahead.

A prenuptial agreement can ensure fair division of marital assets

Marriage has served many purposes throughout the ages, including uniting influential families for business purposes. While those types of arrangements are largely irrelevant today, many couples may still desire to protect any individual or family wealth in the event of a divorce. One tool that Georgia couples may use to ensure a predetermined division of marital assets is a prenuptial agreement.

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