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December 2010 Archives

More Men Than Women Seek to Divorce ASAP in New Year?

Both hard research findings and a considerable amount of anecdotal evidence suggest that many couples thinking hard about divorce in the latter months of the year opt to wait instead and pull the plug on failed marriages earlier the following year.

Following Divorce, Man Faces Jail for Reading Ex-Spouse's E-Mail

Leon Walker, an information technology employee in Michigan and someone who knows his way around a computer, has now been suspended from work and is being criminally charged for using one.

Research: Pew Research Center Tracks Americans' Views on Marriage

Fifty-four percent of Americans say that they harbor little optimism about the economy going forward. Thirty-three percent say that they are pessimistic about both the tradition of marriage and their prospects for it in the future.

Young and Divorced: A Few Special Considerations

In the huge arena of divorced people, one particular group doesn't seem much differentiated from another. That is, whether you were married three years or 20; whether you had or did not have kids; whether you lived in the north or the south; whether you were a teacher, a plumber, a singer or whatever - you're divorced. So are, literally, many millions of other people.

Dodgers Divorce, Property Dispute Ruling Prolongs the Endgame

In one of our previous blogs (September 13), we noted the central role that division of marital property can play in a divorce proceeding, especially where substantial assets are involved. Having a solid family law attorney with experience in asset valuation, business division and related matters can be key to obtaining a positive outcome.

Holidays, Courts, Custody and Visitation Concerns

Given the centrality of child custody and visitation considerations in many divorce proceedings, it is probably not surprising for a family log blog to periodically address issues and timely stories relating to these concerns. We note, for example, the several blog posts we have previously devoted to various aspects of visitation, namely, our August 3 post on parenting plans; a September 7 article on visitation rights accorded by a court via online video conferencing; and, most recently, an October 28 post reporting on the child custody/visitation hearing involving professional basketball player Dwyane Wade and his wife.

New Online Divorce Publication Stresses Honesty, Accessibility

Ambrose Bierce, the acerbic American social commentator of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, defined divorce as "a resumption of diplomatic relations and rectification of boundaries."

Aggressive Advocacy In Divorce And Family Law

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